Improver Classes

These are brand new for September 2019. We have so many gymnasts of all levels and abilities that want to improve their gymnastics with another class option. We as a club couldn’t facilitate this for everyone so we came up with a Pay as you Go Improver Class option.

These classes will run each week and will focus on different apparatus and skills that children want to improve on.  The cost is €10 per class and is only open to current members. Please follow the link below to see available classes and ability.


This class will focus on splits and shoulder flexibility. We will work on bridge-kickovers and walkovers, forward and backward.
Girls only – age 7+

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This class will focus on front and back somersaults. We will work the skills using trampolines, trampets and the foam pit.
Boys & Girls – age 7+

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Front/Back Handspring

This class will focus on front and back handsprings. We will us backflip trainer wedges and other training aids to improve these skills.
Boys & Girls – age 7+

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Springboard & Vault

This class will focus on correct springboard entry to ensure a powerful take off for vault. We will work handsprings and preps to make the vaults better. We will vault at different heights and over the vaulting table.
Boys & Girls – age 8+

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This class will focus on bar skills and strength. We will work all skills at each child’s own level. An example of bar skills are: upcircle, backhip circle, swings, jump to high bar.
Boys & Girls – age 5-7 and age 8+

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Beam Confidence & Skills

This class will focus on balance and developing confidence on the beam. Skills that we will work on during this class will be jumps, cartwheels, handstands and dismounts.
Girls – age 8+

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Competition Preparation Class

This class will be available to book in the weeks leading up to competitions. They will be run by Regional, National and Brevet judges so will be very valuable to improve scores.
Boys & Girls

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