Prices and Attire

Recreational Pricing

Number of HoursCost per term
45 Mins€130
1 Hour€150
1.5 Hours€200
2 Hours €220
2.5 Hours €235
3 Hours €250
Gymnastics Ireland Membership€30
Please apply your discount in the event of extra family members 2 Children – 5%, 3 Children – 10%, 4 Children – 20% In the event of 5 children please speak to Colm

Add up your total amount due! Divide this number by 100 and multiply by the percentage to be paid.

2 Children @ 1 Hour Over 4 Years =300/100x95=€285 + €60 Membership = €345

Additional Costs

Each year we run club events. It is not mandatory for your child to attend any of these events but if they wish to take part see prices below.

Club Competition – €5 Entry Fee per Gymnast No Admission charge for spectators.
Club Event or Display – No entry fee for Gymnasts €5 Admission charge for adult spectators, children spectators free.

If your child wishes to take part in a club event it will also be necessary to purchase club clothing for this event.

Attire Price List:
Club T-Shirt – €10
Club Leotard – €25

Please note it is not necessary to purchase any of our club clothing unless your child wishes to take part in a club event. Club events are completely optional and are run outside of normal term times.

Any time spectators are present is a club event.